• Hardware Introduction


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    Power button:                      

    Press the power button twice to turn it on.

    Press and hold the power button to turn it off. 



    Function button:

    When the power is on, press the function button to activate the laser.

    Press the function button again to get the measurement values.



    OLED display:

    Bluetooth On/Off

    Battery indicator

    Measurement values

    Measurement units



    LED status indicator

    Green light - Laser is on.

    Red light -

    Battery charging. When the light off means charging is completed.

    Blue light -

    Flashing: Bluetooth is connecting.

    On: Bluetooth has been connected.

  • Setting Up Photogrammetry

    (Photo Dimensioning)

    Before taking a photo dimensioning measurement, please follow the following steps

    For those who use "Photo Dimensioning" for the first time…

    Please follow the process of the video to install the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro first.


    Please attach iPin Spatial Ruler Pro on the back of smartphone and lay the phone horizontally.

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