• Three-axis Measurement

    Please connect here to see here for the basic App interface description

  • To use it with App

    Use "photogrammetry(Photo Dimensioning)" mode to measure area.

    How to use the function with App?

    Click the "Camera".

    Click "Photogrammetry"

    Please attach iPin Spatial Ruler Pro on the back of smartphone and lay the phone horizontally.


    Please refer to the "Photogrammetry (photo dimensioning)" operation instructions if you are the first-time user.

    Select the measurement mode(according to the object to be measured).

    Take the photo of the object to be measured.

    Select the "3-axis" measurement.

    After the photo taken, when you start to move the three-axis measurement of length, width and height, please make sure to place the center point (green dot) of the three-axis on the same plane as the red laser spot. Also, please set the blue dot to be used when measuring height.

    Please confirm that all steps have been executed correctly, then press the "V" button to get the measurement data.

    If you think that the measured data is not accurate enough, you can calibrate it first.

  • Different photo dimensioning demonstrations.

    In videos, the App interface is slightly different, but it does not affect the measurement and operation.

    Ceiling 3-axis_pipeline.

    Ceiling 3-axis_beam.

    Ground 3-axis.