• Continuous Measurement
    (Fixed stake measurement)



    Please connect here to see here for the basic App interface description

  • Stand-alone use

    1. Short press the "Power button" twice to turn on the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro.
    2. Measurement: Short press the "measurement key" once to turn on the laser, and you will see the green light on the OLED display.
    3. Aim the laser sport at the position to be continuously measured, and long press the "Measurement button" again to turn on the continuous measurement function. You can move the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro around to get the data, as shown in the below figure.
    4. Press the "measurement key" again to stop the measurement immediately.

    ​*For safety reasons, after 30 consecutive measurements, the measurement will automatically stop and the laser will be turned off.

  • To use it with App

    Operate the APP with one hand,
    and aim the laser spot at the position you want to measure with the other hand.

    How to use the function with App?

















    1. Click the mode button on the smartphone screen.


    2. Select the continuous measurement.


    3. Click laser icon to turn on the laser.


    4. The working area will automatically expand in below. Press the icon to measure.


    5. The measurement is complete! The latest value will be displayed in the pink block.

  • A complete on site project measurement demonstration.

    In this video, the App interface is slightly different, but it does not affect the measurement and operation.