• Calibration

    This calibration function is applicable to "Photogrammetry" only.

    Before calibration, please prepare a piece of paper.

    A4 or standard US Letter size is a good choice;

    Or any paper on hand with known the length and width of the paper is also ok to facilitate the following tasks.

  • Calibration process

    1. Click the "Calibration" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

    2. Place the paper on the ground, click and choose the paper size in the APP.

    3. Please read the instructions for calibration before you go to next step. If you are clear about it, press the next step to take the photo.

    4. When taking the photo, please align the red cross on the screen with the white cross; If the alignment is good, the cross will turn to green color and the photo will be taken automatically.

    5. When the photo is taken, please check whether the photo is clear or not. If it is ok, please press "V"; if you are not sure, you can go back and take another photo again.

    6. After the photo is taken and confirmed, please make sure the red laser spot is placed in the blue circle; If the laser spot is not placed in the blue circle, please use the finger to touch the laser spot position on the screen, the blue circle will be automatically moved to that laser spot position. Press "V" to confirm.

    7. After confirming the position of laser spot, use your finger to move the four dots on the screen to the four corners on the A4 paper, and then press "V" when finished.

    8. The calibration process has been completed (please see the window in below).