• To Use the App


    Create a project that can perform different measurements, photo editing, calculation,... and other functions, and save all the measured data ​​in the project.


    Download the App

    Please download the official APP "iPinRulerPro" from the App store first.


    *Please accept the authorization to use the camera and photo album issues during the installation process, and agree to turn on Bluetooth function.


    Bluetooth Connection

    After opening the App, turn on both the Bluetooth of the smartphone and the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro.


    *No need to perform Bluetooth pairing with smartphone in advance


    Create Project

    Create a project and prepare for the measurement.







    Measuring and Recording

    Within the project, it can carry out various measurement, photo editing and recording, calculating the sum... and other functions.

    After the measurement is completed, all the records are stored in the project.

  • APP Download

    First of all, please search and download the official App "iPinRulerPro" in the App store first.

    During the APP installation process, please accept the camera and album authorization issues, and agree to turn on Bluetooth, in order to use the APP smoothly.

  • Device Connection

    The line of different colors appears on the screen to represent different status of the the Bluetooth connection.
    Blue line: Bluetooth connection is successful.
    Red line: Bluetooth connection failed.
    Yellow line: Bluetooth is connecting.

  • Home Page

    Add projects, manage all projects, delete projects, export/import projects.

    Export project / Import project

    When you change to new phone but want to keep the measurement projects and move them to the new phone,

    please follow the steps in below:


    1. Export the projects that needs to be saved/relocated in the old smart phone.

    Export method

    Press on the project you want to keep for 2 seconds, and the "Delete/Export" option will appear. Click "Export" to save to the location you want to save, ex. Skype, mail, LINE…


    2. After downloading and installing the APP on the new mobile phone, import the project.

    Import method

    [Apple iOS] Press the "Share" button from the original storage location and choose to share to the iPinRulerPro APP.

    [Android] Go to the APP homepage directly and click the "Import" button, as shown in the following figure:

    This is the method of Android OS. ↑

  • Project Page















    Pink area reveals the latest measurement data.

    For more detail introductions, please refer to the link below:

  • Switch Measurement bench mark

    Switch the bench mark reference for different measuring environments

    At any time, even during the measurement, the measurement bench mark can be switched according to the current needs.

  • What will happen if press longer time on the measured value?

    You can make text remarks/calculator/delete/share/save to album... etc.

    Long press on the measurement data:

    Long press on the photo:

  • Edit project information

    Each project can be identified the different application and owner. You can write the customer's contact information in the project information.

    Click on the project name to enter the project information editing page.

  • Settings Page

    In the settings page, you can change the measurement unit, to open the operation guide or date watermark. You also can link to the website to learn how to use the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro and APP, contact the customer service, and other functions.

    There are three measurement units can be set in the project:

    Length → Area → Volume


    •  cm     →    cm2        →    cm3
    •    m     →     m2          →      m
    • ft + in  →   ft2/in2     →   ft3/in3  

    There are four measurement units can be set in the photogrammetry (photo dimensioning):

    Length → Area → Volume

    •  cm   →    cm2      →    cm3
    •    m    →     m2         →      m
    •    ft     →      ft2          →      ft3
    •    in    →      in2       →    in3